Electric Openers in Arizona

Chain Drive, Belt Drive or screw drive - we repair and install them all. The average life span of a garage door opener is 12 years. With a little maintenance the opener can last quite a bit longer. If your opener hasn't been properly maintained over the years you may be experience some noisy opening and closing other odd behaviors. Our professional staff will always do their best to replace or repair any issues that may be causing your opener not to function correctly.

Whether you're repairing an existing door opener or thinking of installing a new one, give Guaranteed Door a call. To help us in knowing what repairs we might need to be prepared for you will first need to identify what type of garage door opener system you have.
Garage door openers have common parts that require maintenance. You likely have one of the following drive types:
  • Chain-drive systems are the most common and least expensive type. An electric motor drives a metal chain that raises and lowers the door. While reliable, these systems can be noisy.

  • Belt-drive systems use a rubber belt instead of a chain to lift the door. These systems typically offer the smoothest and quietest operation.

  • Screw-drive systems feature a threaded steel rod that turns to raise and lower the door. While these systems operate more slowly, they're able to lift heavy, one-piece tilt-up doors.